Our restructuring and liquidation service offers businesses the opportunity to reorganise or simplify their corporate structure and operations, with the aim to increase profitability, efficiency and reduce risk.

We recognise that each company is different and so we provide a tailored approach to suit the needs of our clients.



Our services include pre-liquidation advice & planning, execution of the winding-up process and Independent Business Reviews.


We advise and assist your board/management team with the planning of the winding-up process, as follows:

  • Review your organisational structure to identify inactive companies
  • Present the financial benefit of keeping your companies active versus an orderly winding-up
  • Provide guidance on the different methods of closure, along with the implications of doing so
  • Review your company’s records to identify any pitfalls that could delay the closure process
  • Provide recommendations or actions required your management team to help deal with any pitfalls
  • Advise on the content of shareholders’ circulars and appointment documents


For a wider group restructuring project, we can provide a combination of pre-liquidation advice and/or taking on the appointment as an independent liquidator. An outline of our approach is as follows:

  • Perform a pre-liquidation review to understand your needs and requirements and to identify the necessary steps to be carried out prior to winding-up
  • Develop a winding-up step plan
  • Assist in the resolution of issues arising from review, with a focus on operational issues identified to ensure the winding-up process can be carried out smoothly and successfully
  • Execution of a winding-up/liquidation


Once management has recognised and decided that the company should enter into an orderly winding-up, our services include:

  • Pre-liquidation advice and planning as outlined above
  • Advice on, and an outline of winding-up a step plan in accordance with the Company’s jurisdictional laws, regulations and guidelines
  • Appointment of an independent liquidator to take full control of the company’s affairs and deal with any statutory requirements
  • Manage the execution of the winding-up process, including a realisation of the remaining assets and liabilities, termination of contracts, termination of property leases, and payment of liquidation distributions


An Independent Business Review (“IBR”) is an unbiased review of a company’s financial position. An IBR might be conducted for various reasons, including borrowing money and for/or seeking investor’s support. This review is suitable for an existing or new lender or a bank before they agree to lend or extend funds to the company.

An IBR is not a one-size fits all review. Instead, we tailor the approach to the individual company. The investigation will consider the specific risks and challenges faced by the company based on the industry that they are operating in, their past performance, and their future plans.

Other areas which are typically put under review include: Profit forecasting, analysis of the company’s cash flow, consideration of the company’s assets and liabilities, review of operations, management and systems appraisal, market positioning and assessment of the group structure (if applicable).

The Team

Sharifah Morris FCCA, CPI Photo

Sharifah Morris FCCA, CPI

Managing Director

Sharifah has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate restructuring specialising in receiverships, liquidations and administrations. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (March 2015) and obtained the Certification of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) in 2016.

Sharifah works in a wide range of areas including trading insolvencies, restructuring and business turnaround. She specialises in solvent winding-up processes including managing the simplificaitons of large fund structures including listed funds and regulated funds within the Channel Islands and other jurisdictions such as BVI, Cayman, Gibraltar and Luxembourg.

Jon Morris FCCA Photo

Jon Morris FCCA


Jon has over 18 years’ experience working in a wide range of financial sectors in Guernsey such as funds, private equity, fiduciary, pensions and e-commerce under multiple disciplines including financial accounting, management accounting, systems and process improvement and project management and delivery.

Jon joined Solve Limited in September 2020 to assist with the continuing growth of the company and to provide internal financial and systems support.

Lorna Ogier Photo

Lorna Ogier

Case Manager

Lorna has a wide berth of experience spanning a 26 year career ranging from 5 years’ experience in trust and company administration, 10 years’ in fund administration (7 of which were employed as named Company Secretary of two regulated Corporate Service Providers) and 9 years’ in corporate restructuring, specialising in liquidations and administrations as well as assisting with Project Management. Lorna holds the ICSA Diploma and also has an Introductory Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring together with an Introductory Certificate in Management from the Chartered Management Institute amongst others. Lorna joined Solve Limited in September 2021 as Case Manager.

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